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Hier gaan we alle nieuwe ontwikkelingen van de schietsport vermelden zodat we op internationaal gebied up to date blijven. Schutters die de top van het schieten volgen zullen hier veel nieuws kunnen vinden en naar interessante links kunnen surfen.

Nog enkele reglementswijzigingen 2014-2016


Quota plaatsen voor TOKYO 

De verdeling van de quota plaatsen TOKYO 2020 zijn gekend.



Hier de officiële versie van de nieuwe reglementen trap en double trap:

Ik zal de tekst even filteren en eruit halen wat voor trap en dtrap van toepassing is:

 Summary of Approved Changes in the 2013-2016 ISSF Rules

  The ISSF Administrative Council has approved rule changes for the 2013-2016 ISSF Rules that are listed in this summary. Rule changes in this summary were proposed by the ISSF Section Committees, approved by the ISSF Technical Committee and given final approval by the Council in accordance with the ISSF Constitution ( Detailed rules for Finals in Olympic events as well as a few additional rules will be approved by the Council in November 2012. The complete edition of the ISSF Official Statutes, Rules and Regulations, Edition 2013 will be released as soon as possible after the Council meeting.

Range Scoreboards. In addition to the Main Scoreboard, each Qualification Range must have a Range Scoreboard for posting Start Lists and Preliminary Results.

Internet Service. Ranges used for ISSF Championships are required to have Internet service at the range that can be used to transmit entry, results and ISSF-TV data.


Double Trap. The course of fire will use random A, B and C schemes in each round instead of the present fixed schemes. The double schemes are thrown randomly, but during each round of 15 doubles each athlete will receive the same number of pairs from each scheme at each station. The complete event consists of 5 rounds of 30 targets and 150 targets total. The delayed release is eliminated.


Coaching. Non-verbal coaching is permitted during Shotgun competitions only.

Plated Shot. Because of environmental concerns, plated pellets will be prohibited as of 1 January 2014.

Side Blinders. As an added safety protection, side blinders for Shotgun only may be up to 60mm in depth.




Trap and Double Trap. Eight qualifiers advance from the qualification and are divided into two squads of four to compete in two quarterfinals. Each competition series (quarterfinals, semifinals and medal duels) consists of 15 targets or 15 doubles shot from stations two, three and four with target throwing schemes (2 left, 1 center and 2 right on each station) that ensure the equal distribution of targets. The top two in each quarterfinal advance to the semifinal. After the semifinal the third and fourth place shooters advance to the bronze medal duel and the first and second place in the semifinal shoot for the gold and silver medals.